Carlos Chacón from De Villar CHacon Architects was invited to Taichung, Taiwan for the conference “From Boom to zoom”

Carlos Chacón from De Villar CHacon Arquitectos invited to give a lecture on their latest works entitled “From boom to zoom” in Taichung, Taiwan.

台中市不動產開發商業同業公會 (Taichung Real Estate Development Association), 台中市建築經營協會 (Taichung Architecture Development Association), 逢甲建築學院 (Feng Chia University School of Architecture), 台中市政府都發局 (Taichung Urban Development Bureau) and 台中市大台中建築師公會 Greater Taichung Architects Association, invited Carlos Chacón from DVCH De Villar Chacon Arquitectos to share the latest projects at the conference entitled “From boom to zoom” which took place in Taichung, Taiwan.

3oo people shared the evening with us and were able to discuss with us their ideas, an we could enjoy an interesting exchange of points of view about the future of architecture, landscape and urbanism.

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